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By: Sira Sain

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Saturday, 7-Apr-2007 12:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Jln2 Fukuoka(second day)

b/fast dulu kat hotel..500yen aja!
syoknya dpt naik turun kete api semula...
Dazaifu...we are here!
kedai yg menarik pelanggan utk bergambar..hehe
Tenmangu shrine...
binatang ganjil...
biarkan dia berkata2...
sakura yg cantik walau sepokok..
cantik gak lanskap kat sini...
kami sampai sini walau tak masuk
Kyushu National Museum...cantik senibinanya!
Koumyouzenji temple...
musim luruh lagi cantik...
lepak jap na...
Momichi area... singgah Fukuoka Dome..
Fukuoka Hard Rock Cafe...
area Hawks Town
Fukuoka Tower
ngan inu terbesar
Ohori Park
sukanya dorang..camar2 yg jinak diberi mkn!
sesejuk mata memandang
bebas dorang nak lari..hehe
luas park nya...exercise gitu!
ad matsuri mlm ni..tak sempat tunggu!
Fuk.Castle @Maizuru Castle
luas dan byk pilihan utk hanami...
Mercu tanda Fukuoka Art Museum
cantiknya..teringat Kudanshita!
view Hakata dr hotel..mkn jap!
Hakata Futoh night view pula...
Marine Messe Fukuoka
Hakata port Tower
babai..esok dtg lagi sini plan hari ke-3!

Dazaifu City:1300 years ago, "Dazaifu", the large public office which governed the whole of Kyushu, was established.
Since then, it performed its duty for 500 years. Even now there are many historical spots in Dazaifu City, which remeind us its histories. 
Tenmangu Shrine:This shrine worships Sugawara Michizane as "God of Scholarship". In 901, Michizane was suddenly demoted from Udaijin (Minister of the Right) to an official of Dazaifu, and died in this place two years after.Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine was built at his final resting place, and its present main shrine (important cultural asset) was built in 1591(Tensei 19)

Koumyouzenji Temple:This is the temple which is at the far end when you ascend the approach of Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine, and turns to the right. This temple is generally famous as the name "Kokedera" (moss temple). It has a beautiful moss garden, and its autumn colors and alpine roses are also beautiful. The front garden of its main temple is a Bukko stone garden.

The museum's exhibits are based on the concept of presenting the origins of Japanese culture through the country's interaction with Asia. The museum is an enjoyable and non-intimidating facility for both children and adults. It includes the "Ocean Ways, Asian Paths" cultural exhibition area, comprised of five sections that focus on specific topics, special exhibition galleries, and Ajippa, a hands-on educational center where visitors can enjoy handling a wide variety of Asian cultural artifacts.

Momichi Area:Hawks Town,Fukuoka Yahoo Dome,Fukuoka Hard Rock Cafe,Fukuoka Tower

Ohori Park was first created for the 1927 exposition by filling in some of Fukuoka Castle’s main moats (“ohori” in the Japanese language)

Fukuoka Castle Ruin:A natinally designated historical site. It was built starting from 1601 by Lord Nagamasa Kuroda and it took 7 years to complete. It is also known as Maizuru Castle. This castle did not have a main castle tower but consisted of 47 large and small turrets and platforms. Parts of the castle still intact include the Tabun Tower (important cultural asset), the Shiomi Tower, Otemon gate, the Kinen Tower, Mori Tahe Nagayamon gate, Najima gate and the big platform has now become an observatory. In the castle's ditches found the Tsukushi-oogayatsuri, designated districtual natural monuments and inside the castle there also are Manyo Stone Monuments .

Bayside Hakata Futoh: A relax point of Fukuoka with the spirit of bayside town which is very close to Tenjin, the center of Fukuoka. With a romantic atmosphere of its ocean view along with its convenient traffice access and apacious parking spaces, it keeps attracting lots of people. It has a variety of restaurants, interesting variety stores, amusement spots, and moreover, facilities that lets you enjoy snowboarding and cruising throughout the year.

p/s:Alhamdulillah misi hari kedua dapat cover banyak tempat menarik gitu....sekitar Fukuoka city..jalan2 berhemah..hehe!

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